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All About me

Malo e lelei My name is Ariyana and I am a Year 7 Student at Pt england school. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, i am the 3rd  child out of all my siblings My siblings are Tuluinga but we call Inga for short Angelica, Me and Marcus . I live with 7 people in my house My mum, Papa , Nana,Uncle , 2 sisters and me and my brother. My Favorte food is Subway and a interesting fact about me is i like to hang out with my family and Bestfriends and I really like going camping. I really enjoy going out with my family and playing sports with my family. This all about me Malo apito.

Waitangi Mapping

My Litracey class has been learning about this. We have to click on Google Earth or Google maps to look at what we have to look at. First we had to look at

Waitangi in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand and take a screen shot of it and put it inside the box. Then we had to do the same things but search up difrent  things. 

Hope you like my post.