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How to Embed a Google Drawing.

Task description: This week we have been learning all of the different ways to add things onto our edublogs. This image shows you how to add a Google Drawing to edublogs. I have show the step by step instructions. I have also created a screen recording of how to put a google drawing onto edublogs. I hope you enjoy.

Embedding a gogole docs.

Embedding Google Docs


For this activity you are going to show that you are able to embed a google doc onto edublogs. You will need to create step by step written instructions and then embed this doc onto your blog. 


Start your instructions here:

So first make a copy of the task and do what you are told to do in here. Then when you are done with the task you did Ctrl A and Ctrl C and then go to your blog and Ctrl V and then Post it and then there  you go you are done with your task.